Landscape Design Services

We would love to work with you to develop your landscape ideas into an installable plan. We offer a variety of services to help you accomplish your landscaping. You can work with us to create a one area landscape plan or to help your plan out your entire yard. If you need referrals, choosing materials or helpful advice during the construction phase, we help with that too!

  • Phone Consultation


    Before the first meeting we will discuss your project, general tastes, and any thoughts you may have over the phone to begin collaboration. We will also talk about if you have plot plan/survey/pool plans available for the design process. If you have a vision for your yard, it is good to have picture ideas ready for the initial design consultation.

  • Initial Design Consultation

    $150 for the initial consultation

    We will meet at your property to discuss your needs and vision, your likes and dislikes, and the challenges and possibilities of your landscape. The initial consultation usually takes about an hour. We charge $150 for the initial design consultation if you are within our service area. An estimate for any needed design service can be provided after the initial design service.

  • Conceptual Design


    Some of our clients prefer to see options for their yard before settling on a final direction. The conceptual design process presents you with the basic outlines of planting beds and features (patios, fire/water features, walls etc) on a couple different designs allowing you to focus on a direction for a final plan.

  • Landscape Plan


    2D Design Plans

    Tailored to the vision and tastes that are discussed during the initial design consultation, our 2D design services include a detailed, colored, and scaled landscape plan. This landscape plan is 2D/blueprint styled with the elements and plants already labeled, making it simple for your contractor to estimate. Master plan services include informational print outs of the included plants, making it easier to understand your new landscape.

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    3D Design Plans

    With our 3D design, a 3D conceptual design will be created, allowing your home or site to be modeled in 3D. Like our 2D design, the design is tailored to the vision and tastes we discussed during the initial design consultation. Rendered still shots and a walk-through video will be provided, as well as an optional 2D blueprint style labeled design with informational print outs of the included plants to understand your new landscape more easily.

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  • Bidding Coordination


    When the design is complete, some clients prefer help with the estimation process. The bidding coordination option gives you personalized attention to help with final material selections for items such as retaining walls and patios to prepare your project for bidding. Bidding coordination can involve bid procurement, advice on project coordination, references and referrals. We want to help you realize your landscape dreams.

  • Installation Oversight


    When you have selected your contractor, we can help you through the phasing of the project, overseeing of the construction, and questions along the way. Some clients prefer a more hands-off approach, and we can help with total project management.



Consultation works great for clients who would like to get some fresh perspective and new ideas for their yard without a formal design. During the consultation we can discuss general direction for your landscape, future planning, help with identify plants in your yard, plant and yard maintenance questions, and suggestions for occasional plant needs. Our consultation services start at $200 for the first hour (1 hour minimum) and do not include design services.

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